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Genesis: What colour are you?

Any thoughts of what colour are you?

Which colour would you eat, drink, perfume or just live in?

I bet you won’t respond to this questions immediately.

Colours intertwine with our everyday life. We touch them, we sense them, we breathe them. We see them after we open our eyes early morning till we turn off the night light at the end of the day… and we see dreams, again — noir or multi-coloured…

What if we touch the colours and feel them? — I asked my dudettes at the Uni. We were looking through the catalog of brands and exhibitions to visit during the Design Festival in London. We were gravitating towards Colour Energy Hub with the purpose to pinpoint our energy which presumed to have a certain colour.

It was quite simple for us to agree on what we should do next and after.

London Victoria Station with insane crowd rushing back and forth — after inhabitant Epsom town, it makes you feel like you need to get yourself act together and rush into the city as if you want to win all hearts in Central London.

Photo Credit: Priscilla Cailleau

God bless all those people who invented Maps on smartphones. We easily found a Darc Room — our first destination to see recent improvements in lighting design. We — humans are obsessed in interaction and for sure I and my friends straight away began to play with the lights and became part of this commercially oriented exhibition — right place to find the lightning design solution for restaurants and hotels.

Having lighted up our color chakras with the stylish lamps, we moved out the street to our next destination — Colour Energy Hub.

Bethnal Green — district of London with Georgian-styled constructions and the variety of graffitis on their walls. We expected stunning large spaces with different lights and colourful objects, however, we were quite surprised to see a tiny room of the shop — so small that 10 people would made it heavily populated.

We came to detect our colours, didn’t we, why should we be upset about the small ecosystem? We needed to feel the vibe of it. Full stop.

Photo Credit: Priscilla Cailleau

Elegant and vivid hostess and her husband, ethnically from France, welcomed us very warmly and you would clearly understand these people are bounded up with every color and know many more about purple or turquoise.

The concept of this colour shop is that one can make a journey using five senses. Colour is assumed as a language which interacts with our emotions, echoes our sensibility and influences on our mood.

The procedure of colour identification is simple. You go through all coloured odours and find out the one which best of all resonates and finds its reflection in your mind and ok, let’s say, in heart. After all, you immerse into the so-called cocoon — inflatable yurt and lay down on the big “air-pillow” with relaxing music in the earphones. You are supposed to enter into the spirit of your colour.

You know what? I felt totally purple… This colour clearly describes my identity, I think… I have no clue what it really means to me or to others who know me… but, yeah, I am purple…


Later that day we strolled around the same neighborhood and on Commercial Street we accidentally came to the “Genesis” restaurant which positions itself specialising in organic and healthy food. Were our coloured minds naturally attracted by this place?

The interior design resonated to our feelings that moment, especially mine, because the shades of light purple or magenta were the brand color dominating in its entourage. The slogan of the restaurant “The Silence of Creating Heaven on Earth” very much reverberated with what we experienced together.

That evening I asked myself: Does the real colour come in the genesis of every human being? Are we purple, grey, magenta or turquoise by nature or do we grow and change our colours by seasons like trees and bushes? If you are jasmine at the age of 5, will you become gold when you are 55 or you would stay slightly changed in shades?

I turned off the light and looked up in the dark — the colour of night. A colour — you wrap up with what you’ve finalised or haven’t done during your day or by this moment of your life …

The Silence of Creating Heaven on Earth…

What colour are you?

I thank my friends: Priscilla Cailleau, Rania Koukoumi, Alessandra Bally, Rita Costa Pereira.



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