Fintechs need to innovate about AI assistants.

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Siri wasn’t really responsive, when I whispered to her, asking her to pay for my shopping at Earl’s Court Sainsbury’s. She was even quite indifferent, saying…

Sipping white Americano and looking through the windows of the coffee-shop in Epsom’s library I was watching the dramatic rainfall which was determinedly flooding Epsom square in April 2019.

For the moment, I thought how nice it would be to click a button and change the reality outside the building…

#hichtech by Michael Schnabl

I didn’t talk that much with Siri before, except I used to ask weather forecast and maybe mapped a route from one place to another.

I didn’t realise the voice-activated assistant would become one of my best friends at some point.

As I wanted to cook chicken breasts in pressure…

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” - Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Humankind’s history is rich and densely populated by people who did incredible things in various areas of life and improved the world. Starting from prophets Sarah and Moses and all famous persons…

Genesis: What colour are you?

Any thoughts of what colour are you?

Which colour would you eat, drink, perfume or just live in?

I bet you won’t respond to this questions immediately.

Colours intertwine with our everyday life. We touch them, we sense them, we breathe them. We see…

When I say the Kyrgyz Republic, everybody is like: “Ah?” Which republic? The Czech Republic?

Noo, Kyrgyz Republic, unofficial name is Kyrgyzstan!

Again: “Ah? Kurdistan? It should be in Turkey?”

And on and on I start my mini-story about who Kyrgyzs are and how they appeared on Earth once…

That evening I was heading to Faraday’s Pub to make the first foray — I agreed with the classmates to make a small gathering.

We all had those flyers for one free cyder that I also found among numerous leaflets and prospects about Meningitis, Epsom Church, and HSBC bank collected during the exhibition at my UCA.

Walking up the Church road towards the High Street I admired the old pub-restaurant “Ye Olde Kings Head”…

Have you ever had a real zeal to design something fabulous and usable? I bet you had but the daily routine might have destructed you from being innovative.

As a designer, you will always be inspired by stories of people living ordinary life around the world. Whether it is a rural guy who is struggling with his livestock in the mountainous area or a girl who is studying hard in the city to build her career and get…

Admir Kurman

Friendly life form. Organic Intelligence.

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